Who We Are


Marjorie E. Kornhauser

TaxJazz™ Founder & Director

To reach me contact: taxjazzproject@gmail.com  

I am a law professor emerita at Tulane Law School who taught federal income tax and tax policy. The majority of my research focuses on the philosophical, social, political, and historical aspects of taxation.

From my many years of teaching, research, and writing about tax and tax policy, I have learned that taxation is critical to solving many societal problems. Most Americans know very little about tax. This ignorance creates unnecessary obstacles to devising and adopting viable solutions. TaxJazz™: The Tax Literacy Project™ is my attempt to remedy this situation.  TaxJazz™ provides individuals with non-partisan, non-technical, accessible tax information. It doesn’t promote any particular tax or point of view. What it does do, is provide people with information. With this information people can then form their own opinions and intelligently participate in discussions about tax policy and the problems facing the nation.

Thanks to all the many volunteers

Too many people have volunteered their time and expertise to mention them all by name. Teachers, law students, lawyers, economists and everyday  citizens have all helped TaxJazz™ to spread tax literacy.