Mission Statement

TaxJazz™ is an educational website to spread knowledge about tax and tax policy

The mission of TaxJazz™ is to provide ordinary individuals, teachers and communities easily accessible, non-partisan, information about tax and tax policy, so they may participate in an informed way in a rational debate about the future of American tax policy.

It uses online and school/community-based programs to provide information and learning opportunities in four interrelated areas of taxation:
1. Why we have taxation (understanding public goods, the problems of collective action and the connection between taxing and spending).
2. Fairness of taxation: (how to distribute the burden of taxation, including choice of tax base and rate structure).
3. Basic concepts of taxation (e.g. marginal rates versus effective rates; credits versus deductions).
4. Specific tax provisions which apply to large numbers of people.

TaxJazz™ materials are appropriate for independent study or use by groups such as such as schools, employers, community organizations, journalists, etc.